Email Validator API

This API will verify if an email address is valid by making a SMTP request.

Access to the API:

SMTP Validator is available for FREE, but you're required to supply a key. A valid key can be requested on your profile page.

API Endpoint:{HASH KEY}[email protected]

Request parameters:

Name Required Description Default
key yes A free key can be obtained by requesting one. -
format no Output format, the following formats are supported: plain xml json jsonp php csv serialized json
delimiter no Delimiter between proxies. Can be used only with format plain. The following types are supported: 1 for "\n", 2 for "<br>". 1
email yes An email address that you would like to validate. -

Response Parameters:

Name Description
email An email address that is validated.
result The indication of whether the email is validated (1=Yes, 0=No).
response_code Response status code to indicate success or failed completion of the API call.
response_message Response message to indicate success or failed completion of the API call.

Response Codes & Messages:

Name Message Description
200 OK Successfully processed the request.
400 Bad Request Failed to complete the request.
404 Not Found Command not found.

Example API Call

Example Request:[email protected]

Example Response:
{"email":"[email protected]","result":"1","response_code":"200","response_message":"OK"}

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