Get IPv4 or IPv6 Address API

This API provides your public IP address. By default, it provides the IP address of the default interface used to connect our server whether it is IPv4 or IPv6 address.

Access to the API:

Get IP API is available for FREE without requiring an API Key.

API Endpoint:
To retrieve the default IPv4 or IPv6 address:

Or retrieve only IPv4 address:

Request parameters:

Name Required Description Default
key no No API key is required. -
format no Output format, the following formats are supported: plain json json
delimiter no Delimiter between proxies. Can be used only with format plain. The following types are supported: 1 for "\n", 2 for "<br>". 1

Response Parameters:

Name Description
ip Your IPv4 or IPv6 address.
ip_version IP version either 4 or 6.
response_code Response status code to indicate success or failed completion of the API call.
response_message Response message to indicate success or failed completion of the API call.

Response Codes & Messages:

Name Message Description
200 OK Successfully processed the request.
400 Bad Request Failed to complete the request.
404 Not Found Command not found.

Example API Call

Example Request:

Example Response:

IP Location

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